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17.000  DT

“You shall silence your living to free your dead, for you will find yourself again once the ghosts are spread.” Dreamy, impulsive, but mostly confused, this is Lola. Entangled in a strange escape game she did not start, she is being followed by the one thing she thought she escaped: a presence that isn’t happy with her decisions… that would find her wherever she goes…“They say the discovery of the unknown allows you to discover yourself along the way.”As she tries to find her way in the foreign journey where the lines between dreams and reality are blurred, Lola will be faced with strong emotional struggle, brushing the physical.
What is this presence she is running away from, and will she eventually be able to face it?”


10.000  DT

“She has always felt like she was good on paper, When polished and edited and auto-corrected. With the right fonts and the right margins, One could almost miss it; The deep hollowness in between the lines. “
Stardust is Rania Attafi’s debut full length collection of poetry.
Charged with themes of feminism, existentialism, love, loss, and uncertainties, it will take you on a rollercoaster ride where you will glimpse lives of different people with each poem.
Stardust is a book about a constellation of homo-sapiens written for all Booklovers regardless of their planet of origin.